The perfect Floor

The perfect stable floor has several advantages: it provides a healthy and comfortable stand for the horses, is easy to clean, reduces odours and bacteria, is inexpensive to install and maintain, lasts long, is durable and also looks fantastic.

Our floor offers these advantages and an above-average guarantee period.

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The perfect rubber flooring for you and your Horses

Our rubber flooring not only looks good, but also helps you to save money and reduce the unwanted odours and bacteria from your stables.

Stables are becoming a very big part of our daily work and we have designed a product to suit your needs. It is loved by the horses due to its warm and soft nature and also by the owners, due to the ease of cleaning. It is also very scratch resistant, nearly indestructible and can take temperatures from – 50 degree up to over 100 degree.

Our system is wall to wall, and completely waterproof. It can be laid with slope if required, to allow liquids and urine to run off naturally, to prevent your animals standing in damp and harmful conditions.

It can be laid on concrete or asphalt, even if it has holes or is uneven, and comes in several thicknesses, depending on the way that you wish to use it. The top surface can be made smooth or rough as required, and also in several different colours. We have several systems in which we can reinforce the top surface for extra demanding conditions or increase the resistance of abrasion through additives.

The flooring system includes 6 different ingredients. One of it is crumbed rubber, special chemicals as well as liquid rubber which comes on top of the crumbed rubber base. After the crumbed rubber has been glued down to the hard-core base it has to dry for several hours before it can be sprayed with our special superior material. Ones the area has been sprayed you will have a completely sealed and perfect surface you want.

  • What can our system be installed on?

    • concrete
    • asphalt
    • tiling
    • wood

  • How thick is the floor built?

    Usually we build the ground about 20mm thick. On customer request, however, we can adjust this individually for a corresponding surcharge.

  • Is it possible to install inclines?

    Yes to install a slope is not a problem. As well as fixtures of drains, posts, feeding troughs, walls and floor lighting.

  • Can you install the floor over underfloor heating?

    Underfloor heating is not a problem for our system.

  • How is the soil cleaned?

    You can easily use all common chemical cleaners, as well as high-pressure cleaners on our floor system .

  • Can the walls also be coated?

    Even walls can be sealed with our surface coating. Either directly to the walls or in special cases such as veterinary clinics or veterinarians with a foam backing layer and subsequent sealing with our special coating.

  • How long does the installation take?

    As a rule, you have to expect about 1-4 days for 1-4 horse boxes (weather and temperature-dependent).
    4-10 boxes take about 5 days.

  • Can the floor be installed all year round?

    Due to the sensitive properties of our materials, installation below 6 degrees minimum temperature is not recommended.

  • Colors?

    Standard colors are gray and black. All other RAL colors are also possible but with extra charge. Multi-colored construction sites are also possible for a surcharge.

  • Is the soil harmless to my horse?

    Yes! Our floor system is absolutely safe for humans and animals. It has been used or used many times in the food industry.

  • Can the existing floor be coated?

    Cracks, holes and fractures in the ground are no problem to install our floor system. Unevenness can be easily and smoothly compensated.

  • When can the floor be used again?

    The floor can be walked on about 1 hour after installation. Horses are allowed to return to the pits after about 48 hours.

  • Can you also use the ground for traffic areas?

    The complete system should not be used for main traffic areas. If you are in need of traffic areas, we can suggest appropriate systems from our product range that are suitable for this purpose.

  • What does the special floor system cost?

    Smaller areas will be charged at a flat rate.
    From larger areas per square meter is charged.

How does it save you money?

  • Through the use of less bedding
  • Quicker cleaning times for you and your staff, therefore less wage costs.
  • Less bedding means not only reduced daily costs, but also less disposal costs.
  • No stagnant urine and water, means no bacteria and so less vets’ costs
  • No more large work force actions of removing and relaying the mats.
    Our rubber flooring gets fixed onto the base of the stables and doesn’t slip around like normal mats. The sealing on the walls can be raised up to form a protective layer if required.
  • Bodenbelag
  • Pferde-Bodenbelag
  • Pro Base Bodenbelag
  • Pferdebox Belag

You can decide between 2 system variants:

Premium Base ™ with a smooth surface

Is the ideal solution for smaller areas. Here you can choose between two colors, black and gray.

Premium Base ™ with a roughened surface

This system is installed hot with a reactor and can be walked on within a very short time (after 5 minutes). The spray process is also ideally suited for wall treatment and results in a very hard-wearing and extremely easy-to-clean surface. Color selection in this variant is standard gray or black. For an additional charge, however, all RAL colors can be installed. Motifs and emblems are also possible for a surcharge. Just contact us, we will gladly advise you.

Want to know more?

Just contact us, by phone or by email. We are happy to discuss your questions.

Advantages of the floor system

  • Completely sealed (no penetration of water and urine into the ground possible)
  • Hygienic and clean (significantly less formation of none and bacteria and odor-reducing)
  • Heat-insulating and gentle on the joints (for man and horse)
  • Significantly less bedding (results in less acquisition costs and waste disposal)
  • Large work assignments of substrate and mats are completely eliminated
  • Lower labor costs through efficient cleaning processes
  • Upgrading your horse boxes with a fabulous look
  • Installation of MOTIVES and EMBLEMS also possible!