Arenas come in many varieties

Whether traditional Sand Schools, Grass Arenas, Tide and Flow Arenas, AquaFlow Schools or Arenas with a rubber footing or Synthetic Surfaces: no matter which solution you choose, you can be sure that you have found the right partner with us.

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Arena Building

There are many different opinions in the riding scene, but you cannot avoid certain basic rules. These rules are our daily business. We build to high standards with the latest technology. Substructure and drainage are always certain criteria’s where a wrong decision can ruin the whole Arena. The correct materials for the different Arena categories should be carefully chosen.

Equally important is the Footing. To define the correct materials for your Footing it's best to get advice from our experts.

We work with different partners to offer you a wide range of expertise. We have laboratories available for the different areas, so that we can test the materials for their correct properties, which they must fulfil in order to guarantee a perfect arena footing floor condition.

All in all, we can look back on 30 years of experience, in all aspects of ground work and arena construction. Allow us to give you a competent offer for your project.

Our broad spectrum will help you with the realization so that you can plan and build the perfect place according to your personal requirements.

Types of Arenas

  • Sand schools

    Sand schools are the traditional way of building arenas. They can be used internally as well as externally. Several points need to be taken into consideration when planning such arenas, such as ground, drainage and weather conditions. Irrigation is one of the most important decisions. The amount of slope and of course the type of materials to be used. Which sand is the best for the job and do i need felt and fibres.

  • Tide and Flow

    Tide and flow arenas are very popular and good choices. The constantly controlled surface moisture is a large plus as it allows you to ride nearly all year in perfect conditions. Additives can be added to the system to prevent frost from affecting your surface, but there are also limits.

  • Reitplatz
  • Reitplatz
  • Reitplatz

Trust in our knowledge

For over 30 years we have been involved with the building of International Arenas. We take time to advise you to the very best of our knowledge, and explain all aspects, to help you in your decisions.

You would like to be informed?

Simply contact us by phone or e-mail. We will be happy to discuss your questions with you.

Tide & Flow AquaFlow

AquaFlow is a specially developed riding arena system developed by PHG International. It is an underfloor watered riding arena.

With AquaFlow you get an environmentally friendly riding arena built with recycled material from our own factory. Due to the very good properties of the material, you can flood a riding arena optimally with little water.

Our self-developed mats allow perfect riding conditions for horses. The mats are characterized by a high elasticity, so that the impact can be absorbed immediately after the jump. This prevents the risk of injury.

In addition, your horse also needs to expend extra energy to get over the jump. In this way, the horse builds up muscles and mental strength, which can contribute to success at tournaments.
The water required for our AquaFlow system can be stored in a storage tank. Rainwater can also be collected and supplied for reuse.
The water control of the site is realized either with a high-tech control or with a manual system, just as you wish.

Our AquaFlow was developed by specialists in riding arena construction to ensure easy installation. You can obtain all necessary components from us (PHG International). You have only one contact person.

The system is easy to maintain and cost-effective, both in purchasing and during installation.

Another advantage is the cleaning function. The space is flooded and floating impurities can be easily removed. At the same time, the space is equalized.

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